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The ‘5 minutes process’ cake… If you are reading this, you’re probably in the great adventure of finding that special bespoke cake for that special person, social event or celebration. After a few years in this business, we really know how stressful and time consuming this process can be and we think that we can help! We’ve tried to constantly improve our processes based on constructive feedback from our friends and customers. The idea of the ‘5 minutes process’ cake takes all that stress of ordering and picking taken away. All you have to do is to call, tell us your favourite flavours, your idea of a perfectly shaped cake that suits your event, and when & where needs to be delivered. If you are a bit shy with phones, send us a message on social media. We cover pretty much all of the Glasgow post codes from G1 to G84 on our own delivery service. All this in less than 5 minutes. Next time when you’ll hear from us will be when you get the cake delivered, worry free. The only thing to remember is that we are baking our cakes from scratch. Good, proper, delicious baking takes time and can’t be rushed no matter what you do. At least 48h of notice would be required and can go up to 72h for bigger ones or in bespoke funky shapes to suit your ideas. And, are they any good? Well, we don’t really have any bragging rights, but we will just leave some pics of our work on here and, while you’re on this, worth checking our social media for some honest customer opinions on the matter!