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Salty Sesame Pretzel

This salty sesame pretzel is one of the most popular goodies. Enjoy it on your way to work, home or when you simply decide to go for a walk.

Chicken & Bacon Bake

Chicken and bacon in the same dough? Yes, please! This heart-warming mix will take you on a journey of senses.

Smoked Sausage Roll

Morning, noon or evening? Regardless of the time, discover the delicious taste of a smoked sausage rolled into the finest dough.

Turkey Ham & Cheese Bake

This classic mix of ham and cheese wrapped in a soft dough will warm your day and conquer your heart.

Bacon & Cheese Bake

One does not simply say no to bacon. Once you took a bite, you’ll simply understand why this savoury goodie it’s called madness bake.

Spanish Rustic Loaf

There’s nothing like the smell of a freshly-baked bread. This consistent rustic loaf will thrill all your senses with its unforgettable scent and its warm soft core.

Falafel & Houmous Bake

When you’re up for something light, try this delicious veggie bake. You will enjoy it from the heart until the last bite.